Read abstracts from our various speakers here.

Hilary Term 2014

Week 1: January 15

Dr Gillian Groszewski (TCD)

Anthology Wars: Thom Gunn’s and Ted Hughes’s “Five American Poets”

Week 2: January 22

Monica Insinga

Dreamspace, the City, and a New ‘Ice Age’ in Marina Carr’s “Marble”

Kate Smyth

‘All the World Had Agreed’: Social Constructions of Beauty in Toni Morrison’s “The Bluest Eye”

Week 3: January 29

Prof Brad Kent (Université Laval)

The Making of the Public Intellectual: The Essays of Sean O’Faolain

Week 4: February 5

Richard Howard

A Proximity to Technology: The Ideologeme of Progress in the Science Fiction of James White

James Little

Between a Protest and “Catastrophe”

Week 5: February 12

Tim Groenland

Consider the Author: Editing David Foster Wallace’s “The Pale King”

Sarah Nangle

At the Close of Chaucer’s Halcyon Days – Music and Rationality in “the Manciple’s Tale”

Week 6: February 19

Prof Raphaël Ingelbien (KU Leuven)

Joyce’s Tourists: Revisiting “The Dead”

Week 7: February 26

Reading Week (no seminar)

Week 8: March 5

Ailise Bulfin

The Surprising Narrative of Richard Marsh’s “The Beetle” (1897): Late-Victorian Egyptofiction and the Popular Gothic

Jane Mahony

Jane Barlow’s “Irish Idylls”: A New Perspective

Week 9: March 12

Dr Lauren Arrington (University of Liverpool)

Constance Markievicz’s Prison Reading

Week 10: March 19

Prof Matthew Campbell (University of York)

Dora Sigerson, the Hardys and Easter 1916

Week 11: March 26

Dr Tom Walker (TCD)

Yeats, Art Writing and Revolution in the 1910s

Week 12: April 2

Dr Jo Gill (University of Exeter)

Modern American Poetry and the Architectural Imagination: “A black line drawn on flat air”

Visit Dr Gill’s Profile on the University of Exeter website here.

Michaelmas Term 2013

25th September

Dr. Eve Patten (TCD)

From the Blaskets to Birmingham: George Thomson’s Irish Connections

2nd October

Dr. Emily O’Brien

A Yorkshire Tragedy (1608): Murder, Demonic Possession, and True-Crime Drama in Early Modern England

Dr. Niall Gillespie

Frankenstein in Ireland: Democratic Circuits in English Novels, c. 1792-1830

9th October

Elizabeth Parker

Deciduous Progeny: The Roots of Evil

Dr. Elizabeth McCarthy

Mean Streets, Dark Cities, Endless Night: The World of Noir Fiction

16th October

Dr. Heiko Zimmermann (University of Trier)

Reconfigurations of Author and Readership in Digital Literature

Note: This seminar is a crossover with the MPhil in Digital Humanities and Culture and will run from 5-7pm in Room 0.09, Aras an Phiarsaigh. As usual all welcome.

23rd October

Ian Kinane

Theatre of War: Survivor: Palau as a Pacific ‘Lieu de Memoire’

Jim Clarke

Rome in the Rain: Reflection in the Collaboration of Anthony Burgess and David Robinson

30th October

Melissa Flynn

Irony in Children’s Picturebooks

Miles Link

The Invention of Nuclear Winter: Changes in the Imagination of the Late Cold War 

6th November

Reading Week

13th November

Dr. Christopher Collins (Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Drama)

The Changeling of the Western World

20th November

Dr. Dara Downey (UCD)

‘I Must Have Died…’: Post-Mortem Speech in the Uncanny Tales of Elizabeth Stuart Phelps and Harriet Prescott Spofford

27th November

Professor Barbara Will (Dartmouth College)

Rethinking Minimalism: Hemingway and Beckett

4th December

Dr. David O’Shaughnessy (TCD)

‘Hath Not a Jew a Touch of the Brogue?’: Dennis O’Bryen’s A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed (1783)

11th December

Georgina Nugent-Folan

Gertrude Stein, die ungluckliche Dame?: Beckett’s Reading of Stein in the German Letter

Brian McManus

A Christmas Carol for the Irish Diaspora: HT Kavanagh, Darby O’Gill and The Ashes of Old Wishes


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