Monthly Archives: February 2014

PGSeminar 19 Feb


This week we welcome Professor Raphael Ingelbien of KU Leuven. Prof. Ingelbien is a visiting scholar at the School of English and will deliver a paper entitled ‘Joyce’s Tourists: Revisiting The Dead.’  You can read Prof. Ingelbien’s profile on the KU Leuven website here:

Please do join us at 5pm in room 4047. We will make our usual trip to the Duke afterwards, and all are welcome!


PGSeminar 12 Feb


This week we will hear papers from Tim Groenland, and Sarah Nangle of the School of English, Drama & Film at UCD. Tim’s paper is entitled Consider the Author: Editing David Foster Wallace’s “The Pale King.” Sarah’s paper is entitled At the Close of Chaucer’s Halcyon Days: Music and Rationality in “The Manciple’s Tale.” Abstracts for both papers can be read here:

As always, we’ll head to the Duke afterwards to continue the conversation. Please do join us at 5pm in room 4047!

PGSeminar 5 Feb


We continue the seminar series this week with papers from Richard Howard and James Little.  Richard’s paper is entitled ‘A Proximity to Technology: The Ideologeme of Progress in the Science Fiction of James White’ while James’s paper is entitled ‘Between a Protest and “Catastrophe”‘.  Abstracts for both papers can be read here:

As always, we will head to the Duke afterwards. Please join us at 5pm in room 4047 for what promises to be an entertaining session!